Editor's Note: Volume 1

I embarked on my first solo journey a while back. To my surprise, it opened up a different perspective about traveling to me. At the most basic level, traveling solo has humbled me and expanded my perception of my place in the world. There were many personal lessons and personal growths that were hard-learned and hard-earned. I began traveling solo ever since and it marked a transition in my life. The journey itself is the milestone and this notion of being away alone in a foreign land really resonated with me. The idea of wandering and getting lost in a city, whilst photographing random moments has turned my profound experiences into something memorable. 
It all started with me wanting to share my travelogue with others. I often upload my photos on Instagram and other social media, but that seems to be passé over time. In the end, I decided to come up with the proper way of sharing that can be long-lived. 
With that in mind, Musotrees is born. 
Photography has always been my passion. But it took me awhile to convey my interest into something worthy. Questions like; how do I begin to compose a story with my pictures? How do I create cohesiveness amongst them? What is the concept? And many other questions that could have prevented me from doing what I am doing now. To write something inspirational and moving is not easy.  I chose to write my stories in the simplest form possible because a story, if broken down to the simplest form, is a connection of cause and effect.
I started this magazine with some really great people. We first gathered our stories from a piece of draft and now have managed to print our first edition. In the long run, we hope to be able to publish periodically. Musotrees is made with a strong back-bone.  My team is the strength behind Musotrees’s success. 
After more than half a year of exciting deliberations filled with countless brainstorming sessions, creative idea conversations and future planning discussions, it thrills me that we finally have something to show you. We confronted our own struggles along the way but met with the challenges head-on and coffee too helped us get through it all. Today, with (?) pages of our travels printed and shared, we cannot be any happier.
Dreams do happen – together with great people. We will nurture Musotrees with good stories. Not everything in life is made possible, but life certainly gives you the opportunity to try something new. The world definitely needs dreamers who do. 
Musotrees Volume 1 is here. I’m pleased to know that you own it now. Thank you, and thank you.
I blink in disbelief.
Kerol Izwan.
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