A Private Exhibition by Rumah Lukis Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

We are super excited to be given the opportunity to showcase Musotrees' stories, processes and its evolution at Rumah Lukis gallery in Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition was held from June till October 2019. 

"On behalf of Musotrees team and all contributors, thank you for reading our stories, sharing our journeys and bringing new destinations. We are not here to be the best, but better. We are not here to be the first, but doer. You have allowed us to meet new niches, create cool connections and importantly teaching us the "adab" (manners) of travelling further. We are grateful for the opportunity. To all of you who have come and spent your precious time to check out Musotrees Magazine, we genuinely appreciate it".

Message from Rumah Lukis gallery; 

Alif — the "adab" (manners) of travelling commenced more than 1441 years ago by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Ba — Musotrees' manifestation may differ in their methods and manoeuvres, but some of the elements of Hijrah; tekun/perseverence, tabby/resilience, tujuan/destination are involved in the process and making of this journal, similar in the essence if not in the lessons.

Ta — Be grateful to the Creator.

*Special thanks to Ar. Pital Maarof & Maryam Saida.

Here is snippet of photo collection by Syazwan A & Kerol Izwan.


More photos can be seen at Rumah Lukis.