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Issue 2: Motion
Origin: Singapore
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In Vol 02: Motion, we want to explore what it means to move and to be moved—across time, space, worlds, and circumstances.

Why do people move? How does art communicate across mediums to open our eyes to the world? As that which sustains us, do we value our relationship with our rivers What does it mean to raise your hands to the heavens and prostrate on the earth? What happens when you literally lose your ability to move?


AKAR is an independent print publication which features everyday stories and histories of Southeast Asia. Founded in 2018, AKAR was born out of the desire to learn more about ourselves, and the need to amplify voices that represent diverse lived experiences.

AKAR is the Malay word for roots. Like roots, AKAR aims to navigate through the noise and go beneath the surface of what we see and hear to rediscover what really matters to us. We are endlessly curious about local cultures; evolving traditions; the human relationship with one another, the environment, the transcendent; and the beauty of connections that we sometimes overlook or fail to recognise.

At the same time, AKAR strives to bring the rich tapestry of Southeast Asia to the world. By doing so, we wish to broaden our own horizons while inspiring the imagination of others. We want to share works that inspire and remind us of where we come from and where we want to go.

We wish for AKAR to grow into a community of individuals who find solace in passion, a rootedness to history and the elements that ground us as humanity. 


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