Volume 6

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This issue warmly welcomes you with a self-finding journey in Jordan as well as understanding the Caracas crisis and falling in love with the Venezuelan Angel Falls. Your senses will also be in for a surprise as we explore the relationship between food and emoji – it could be your Eureka moment!

In addition to that, we sought a story from Mumbai, in a way it is perceived by someone who had left but then returned. If you love remote places, we bring you a story of adventures in Mongolia, told through its passionate panoramas.

For this issue, we collected foreign interviews from London, Sydney, Los Angeles and Manila. Volume 6 has been made possible by our collaborations with Aesop, Turkish Airlines and Croatia Tourism, bringing you our sensory stories from Down Under & Dalmatia.

Contents (174 pages): 

  • Assalamualaikum, Jordan by Suleyman Azhari
  • Fallen Angel: A Venezuelan Sojourn by Daniel Herszberg
  • Pageantry & The Art of Plating by Sammi Lim & Dzurina
  • Rubbing Shoulder in Mumbai by Kuber Shah
  • Crossing Mountains by Max Muench
  • Perspectives On The Desert in Las Vegas by Francesco Stumpo, Avi Vigdorchik and Sora Onyx 
  • The Charms of Croatia by Kerol Izwan
  • Interview, Los Angeles: Yuna Zarai
  • Interview, London: Tom Horne & William Green
  • Interview, Manila: Maria Eloisa
  • Interview, Sydney: Henry Wilson & Kate Forbes