Editor's Note: Volume 2

I’m currently on a plane from Paris to Zagreb. As cliche it sounds, I love writing in a plane. It feels good. A week before that, I was at a small village somewhere in Switzerland called Aeschi de Spiez when the submission for volume 2 is closed. To receive such a massive stream of contribution from the balcony of my Airbnb apartment, watching over the sunrise hue and village covered by morning fog was such an overwhelming moment. Thank you for keeping my inbox continuosly beeping. So much excitement reading to your stories. Volume 2 is your honest proof of what we can create something great together.

Inexperienced - that’s the first word came into my mind if I were have to describe my current feeling. Volume 1 is available at selected independent stores in 9 countries so far. We try (and still looking) to engage with stockist one at a time and self-distributed our magazine. That’s how we build the networking between Musotrees and others. Volume 2 is something of a departure from journey and destination introduced in our first volume. The direction in this volume will be slightly different, where we have included eight contributors to share their experiences. We have heard comment and feedback from our readers and we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity for improvement in this volume. It is our privillege to learn the process and execute it. My team and I assert to explore the unknown. And we chose Inexperienced as our theme whose story spans all continents. A collection of journey from Cuba, Yemen, Japan, India, Kenya, Australia, Norway and America is gathered to meet with our theme. In addition, five interviews made with our favorite people; more like a casual conversation from Kuala Lumpur, New York, Sao Paolo, Chester and Sydney.  

Musotrees is growing, slowly but surely. I must admit we are a bit sidetracked from our milestone. But I believe it is for the better. To you readers (and believers), thank you so much for your continuous support. To our contributors, you all have been amazing. 

To my team, we have made Musotrees come to life once again!

Enjoy our Inexperienced story.

Kerol Izwan.

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