• Srinagar, The City Of Stories.

    Srinagar, The City Of Stories.
    Photos & Words by Ruman Hamdani Sheher-e-Khas, or “the special city”, is where I find inspiration when I am left with none. The old city based ...
  • Away

    Photos & Words by Kody Zenger I work non-stop. Literally non-stop, sometimes for 36 hours straight, without sleep. So, when I hit a wall, I hit...
  • Them New York Feels

    Them New York Feels
    Words by Sammi Lim Photos by Danny Owens Preface When Kerol gently and gaily proposed sharing my experience in New York City on paper (not from ...
  • My Bucket List: San Francisco

    My Bucket List: San Francisco
    Words by Basira Yeusuff Photos by Kerol Izwan I receive the travel itinerary in my email and I immediately feel a lump forming in my throat fro...
  • Isolation Edition: Singapore Memories

    Isolation Edition: Singapore Memories
    Something nostalgic: A country I miss to travel during quarantine It has been almost 2 months in quarantine—to work from home, to stay indoor, in m...
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  • Narration of Nairobi

    Narration of Nairobi
    “Hell no.” That was my reaction when my girlfriend Saskia first asked me if I wanted to move to Dakar, the capital of Senegal. “You have been th...
  • Road to Yemen

    Road to Yemen
    “Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind” - Seneca When I first came across this quote by Lucious Annaeus Seneca or also known as ...
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  • The Escapist: Coffee Story

    The Escapist: Coffee Story
    While sitting at your favourite terrace, reading your favourite magazine on a sofa, or while commuting, enjoying a good cup of coffee is a landmark...
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  • Russian Living

    Russian Living
    "In a Russian home, the floor is rarely not from pure noble wood - wide boards of oak or ash with knots, perfect imperfections. The floor gives off heat, mentally and physically. Fortunately, wooden floors are typical in old and new apartments."

  • Recipe by Fans of Breakfasts

    Recipe by Fans of Breakfasts

    There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that enjoy eating and the ones that enjoy cooking. I might be both, but for as long as I can recall, I've been always thrilled with spending time in the kitchen or just with the idea of eating at my grandmother's house during summer vacations. 

  • Colours of Cuba

    Colours of Cuba

    Havana, although laden with rich culture and plethora of institutionalised benefits making it a destination embedded in charm and mesmerising allure, falls short of some foundational essentials, mainly things we often take for granted

  • Jaipur: जयपुर

    Jaipur: जयपुर
    I'm listening to Prateek Kuhad on Spotify while writing this. He's good. I heard that Jaipur is the Pink City of India. It serves as a capital city...
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