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Departure Issue

From Santorini to Pokhara, Bali to Sydney, London, Berlin, São Paulo and our home in Kuala Lumpur, explore this issue.

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The Departure Issue is an anecdote to mark new beginnings. Adapting from mundane routines to daunting schedules, taking the leap of faith from a comfort zone to the hustle and bustle; from what’s familiar to foreign faces and places – it’s all about exploring the uncertain.


New Nostalgia, but May 2024.

Long story short, I was looking for a new camera. I love Fujifilm, but at the same time, many suggested considering buying Ricoh. Both are great cameras and come with a great price too! So I was stalling. And then I remembered I have kept my family's camera but never really used it. It's a Yashica MF-2.

Not sure if the condition is still good or spoiled because the camera was bought in the '80s. That's like almost 40 years ago! I still remember using the camera when I was a kid. I guess that's how my interest in photography developed. I should give it a try and bring the Yashica out for a play.

To be frank, RM55 is not cheap for 36 shots, especially when now everything is taken digitally in a blink of a second. I bought my first film roll and decided to go back to the village over the weekend to take some portraits of my family. I thought, why not take my family's portrait rather than using it somewhere else? Plus, I don't have much expectation, just to test whether the camera is still in good condition or not.

Guess what... it turned out so beautiful! As if you took it with an expensive Fujifilm (or the likes). I was so happy to see the result. The colors are so spot on, the grainy texture looks exactly like many years ago. Like, really. How can an almost 40-year-old camera take such great photos! Now, I'm not too sure if I should buy the Fujifilm (haha, no, seriously!) Take a look at some of the shots. I've already bought my second film roll and can't wait to shoot, specifically for Musotrees' new issue. Yep, you heard me right. It's coming!

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Anyway, we have a little something to reveal from George Town for Musotrees soon. Stay tuned for more updates. We can't wait! Take care now - K.

*11 May 2024

What a great weekend it was, reminiscing about all the good things in George Town. I always consider this city home. Living on this island for almost 4 years has truly created unforgettable memories. A little backstory: I studied in Penang at the Science University of Malaysia. Yes, you heard me right. It's a science university, indeed the best one in Malaysia. A Bachelor of Science graduate, right here. I guess what the future holds is unexpected, especially considering what I'm doing now. But let's save that conversation for another time.

So, I was in George Town for a work trip, and the last time I was here was probably a couple of years ago. Not much has changed, except for the authenticity of Penang's ambiance. The well-preserved and beautiful facades with bold colors, a plethora of food choices from street food to fine gourmet—Penang Island is charming. With a short flight from Kuala Lumpur taking around 50 minutes, you're instantly transported to two different city styles. It's always a great time to be back in Penang.

A little info: we do have stockists in Penang. If you are on the island, feel free to check out our copies at these shops. They are all beautifully designed. Here's the list: Sixth Sense Store, Mano Plus, P.66, McCallum, Lunabar, Norm Micro, Temu, and The Habitat Penang.

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Arriving in Switzerland, we fell in love with Zurich Airport🇨🇭

We always believe that photos speak louder. Moving forward, we also believe that every visual must have its story. We love to share our in-the-moment captions, those little epiphanies while we are gallivanting. We focus on the small things that make us happier while we are away. Stay tuned for more little moments from us. We have arrived in Switzerland, and we have a lot more to share.






Story by Macarena Armario

"In these times, when everything is moving so fast and we live in a world of constant immediacy, stopping to see, reflect and feel with a photograph is almost a revolution ."


"All these connections made through the sensations experienced created a symbiotic bond between the person and the place, which lasts forever."


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Aesop x Musotrees

Of People & Places




A Conversation with Nicholas Vodicka, Co-Founder Softer Volumes.

Interview by Kerol Izwan

I remember meeting Nicholas at a cafe nearby his office, located in a docile neighbourhood not far from Sydney. After a laid-back conversation, he gave me a tour of his office, where we continued talking about his design preferences and aesthetics. At that time, Nicholas was running a magazine called Hey Gents, a handsome guide magazine for gentlemen.


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I asked, "Here's the million-dollar question: Why the name Softer Volumes? Enlighten us."


Nicholas's Answer


Hemja Camp Pokhara:

Story by Rayna Carruthers

A Legacy At A Crossroads

"From the day Norchung was born, he was destined to be a monk – In 1959 at 23 years age, Norchung was forced to flee his monastery in Tibet to Mustang."


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Raphael Dias & Raffaele Asselta

A Conversation with Casa Diaria's Brazilian Duo.

Interview By Kerol Izwan

I was genuinely interested in Casa Diaria growth, especially how they pivoted during the pandemic. Raphael and Raffaele have created sublime tapestries and various artworks, which are now exhibited at the store. On top of that, this dynamic duo have branched out into diverse things, including curating a gallery of their own creations and organising soulful events to connect with creatives in the city.

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Departure Issue : Volume 10


New Segment: Minute by Minute

Created in Malaysia with lenses

from all over the world.


Snapshots of Serendipity.

My venture into photography, which took a serious turn during the pandemic, yields interesting perspectives.

By Santiago Zapata. Explore more.


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