Editor's Note: Volume 3

I cursed myself for accidentally dropped my iPhone. It went into pieces. Knowing the only device I use to take photos when traveling and to get things done everyday is no longer viable, this dispirited me. What a bummer! I should get my phone fixed soon before my next travel.

I travelled less this year. It was Auckland my last city in April, during my birthday. During that short trip, I managed to meet with such an amazing indie magazine maker and creative people in Auckland and Wellington. Glad to have made new networking with Kiwis. We also have stocked our magazine there too! Despite of having crowded life-checklist — apart of compiling vol 3 slowly — there is time when I have to prioritize and travelling was putting on hold. These past few months have witnessed me moving to a new place, planning on other side projects, and re-organizing my life-needs. Fear not, I’ll be returning to gallivant the Earth very soon searching for new inspiration.

Well anyway, here we are again, Musotrees Volume 3! How time flies?!

It is surreal to see the new issue has finally coming to life. I’m super excited with the new volume — Enterprise Issue! To reflect new venture in volume 3, we have hired three new graphic designers to be part in our small team. Welcome aboard Nick, Emmanuel and Afiq. We couldn’t be happier to have you in Musotrees journey. So excited to be able to work and connect with various creative brains in this issue! Following our previous ethos to keep things minimal and to stay true with our direction, my team and I decided to experiment with new layout design and introducing few new brands to share their entrepreneurial stories. A little change won’t do harm, for the better I hope.

Speaking of which, I can’t wait for you to flip over into the next page and travel with our stories. We include 3 interviews with most aspiring team based in Berlin, Venlo and a little tropical island of Mauritius! We are also sharing travelogue stories from Morocco, Prague, Dubrovnik, Galle and Auckland. Thank you to our contributors Suleyman Azhari, Diana Rahim and Andrew Howson. In addition, we inserted new content with illustration from our Venezuelan contributor based in Turin Italy, Fernando Cobelo. This should be fun!

Happy reading and get ready for your next new destination!

Kerol Izwan.

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