Editor's Note: Volume 5

Making a magazine has been a rewarding experience for me. I am self-taught, so every process matters and each step counts. The independent publishing industry has connected me with many creatives in diverse fields from around the world, including you; readers, contributors, makers, designers — you name it.

Frankly, I was going back and forth in choosing the theme for Volume 5. I had listed a few themes, but none of them really spoke to me in the way I want it to be, the way it should make me feel. For a moment, I was overly critical and strayed from my initial goals. Being productive is good, but to produce something fruitful is another thing. 

So I sat down calmly, sipping coffee, letting the caffeine do its work. The ensuing heavy rush of serotonin works as a chemical messenger in the body, stimulating the brain to form exciting actions. In the midst of the mental chaos, I took a step backwards and started to rethink my need to be productive. Productivity to me isn’t measured in quality or quantity, but in the resulting value. The value that changes the world into somewhere more liveable. We must live in an environment which reacts to each other in a friendly manner.

That’s a realisation worth noting and it got me to settle on the Chemistry Issue.

It’s a cliché, but every city has its own fascinations, but nothing beats the chemical attraction. The unspeakable gravity that draws the mind to instantly loving the city, akin to affection towards another human being. The brain has its mysterious ways of telling our body how to act. Happy when rekindling with a favourite city, sad to say goodbye when the time comes, missing them when they are no longer in sight and dreaming to repeat the memories.

The Chemistry Issue highlights the sustainable process of growing mushrooms in the extreme conditions of Cairo, the different seasons of Edinburgh and the Colombian culinary. It documents mind-boggling experiences in big American cities like New York and San Francisco as well as the mind cleanse in humble cultural cities of Nairobi and Phnom Penh. The issue also features conversations with amazing people — Greta Kenyon, René Johnske, Arty Guava, Sumay C, as well as Primo and Gupta.

May all of you find your air and just breathe. Be keen to positivity and always treat each other well. I hope you enjoy reading this issue, as much as I’m enjoying making it with amazing people who make Volume 5 a reality. 

Kerol Izwan.

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