Musotrees Volume 5 - Digital

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The Chemistry Issue highlights the sustainable process of growing mushrooms in the extreme conditions of Cairo, the different seasons of Edinburgh and the Colombian culinary. It documents mind-boggling experiences in big American cities like New York and San Francisco as well as the mind cleanse in humble cultural cities of Nairobi.

The issue also features conversations with amazing people — Rene Johnke (Kathmandu), Sumay C (Penang), Arty Guava (Singapore), Greta Kenyon (Auckland) as well as Primo and Gupta (Jakarta).

Contents (162 pages):

  • Cairo: A Pilgrimage of Embracing Change In The Desert
  • My Bucket List: San Francisco by Basira Yeusuff
  • Them New York Feels by Sammy Lim & Danny Owes
  • Edinburgh: The Goodbyes Never Get Easier by Emma Pouncey
  • Recipe by Fan of Breakfasts; by Santiago Zapata
  • Three Letter I Sent to an Astronaut I Loved by Reneé Ting
  • Interview, Kathamandu: René Johnke
  • Interview, Penang: Sumay C & Arty Guava
  • Interview, Auckland: Greta Kenyon
  • Interview, Jakarta: Primo & Gupta

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