Photos & Words by Kody Zenger

I work non-stop. Literally non-stop, sometimes for 36 hours straight, without sleep. So, when I hit a wall, I hit it hard; more like the ground, I hit the ground. When I get to that level, I need to get away for a few days. I'm not trying to plan or think of anything. I just want to wander. I want to get in the car and drive till I hit the coast (luckily it's only a few hours away). I want to listen to every song by The Tallest Man on Earth and then play something really sad. Sometimes, sadness can make you happy – there's something special about melancholy. I want to wake up late and have good coffee. I want to wander the streets with no agenda – turn right, then left, and then right, then stop at a pub and watch the world go by. It's better with a buddy, too. Company is key. I want to pour wine into coffee cups and take them to the beach. Sit and doze while the wind and waves make the most soothing sounds. I want to get that salty, slightly tight feeling you get on your skin just before you start to burn. I want that, too. I want long warm nights on the porch, not in the suburbs but in the woods. Removed, in the quietness, where the only noise is the laughter and mischief of a few close friends. Reminiscing and making new memories to reminisce about. I want to go bed knowing I didn't check something off a to-do list; instead, I did nothing except a whole lot of living.

The passage above sums up my trip to Charleston, South Carolina. My wife, brother and I packed up our things and got out of town for a few days. As you look through the photos, put on most nostalgic summer jams, get into the road trip spirit and drift off into the days of summer.


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