Musotrees Volume 2 - Digital

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In this volume, we chronicle 10 journeys across all continents. We also made a few changes to enhance your reading experience. Among them are conversations from New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Chester with Grado Labs co-founder Jonathan Grado, The Summer Hunter founder Ricardo Moreno, musician Dustin Tebbutt and a member of the marketing community for Steller, Jordan Foy. We also collaborate with two handsome brands based in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur — Madera and o.lanun.

This is Inexperienced Issue, and hopefully it will further fuel your passion.


  • Jaipur by Kerol Izwan
  • The Escapist: Coffee Story by Raphael Dupertuis
  • Olabil by Daniel Spiro
  • My Fair Chance of Summer Lyana Ruzlan
  • Road to Yemen by Illya Hadi
  • A City That Never Runs Out of Stories by Ruman Hamdani
  • Highland Valley of Kamikochi by Nita Katcharath
  • Away by Kody Zenger
  • A Climb Up to Whiteface Mountain by Can Ahtam
  • Colours of Cuba by Saunak Shah
  • Interview, New York: Jonathan grado
  • Interview, Sydney: Dustin Tebbutt
  • Interview, Sao Paulo: Ricardo Moreno
  • Interview, Chester: Jordan Foy

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