Isolation Edition: Singapore Memories

Something nostalgic: A country I miss to travel during quarantine
It has been almost 2 months in quarantine—to work from home, to stay indoor, in my city, Jakarta, Indonesia. Many things come to my mind while I stay at home and spend much more time with my family. The days are slower. In fact, I enjoy being home, many things that inspire my inner homebody these days. Also it’s pretty normal to miss pre-quarantine days, temptations of the outside world seem strong sometimes. 
I remember fun days out in Singapore. It was sunny, warm, and safe.
Singapore, there are always loads of thing to be explored besides the glimmering malls or the iconic Jewel. 
Its creative, not-so-commercialised neighborhoods are always my favourite.
I miss starting the day by taking my breakfast and sipping my caffeine fix in a coffee shop in a crowded corner of Singapore, enjoying the morning sunlight that comes in without having to worry about a thing. I miss taking a leisurely walk out of the room to cool and trendy areas in their unique charms, in the style of Singapore—it’s where I can find a small indie bookstore with various interesting items to look at. I miss the atmosphere of visiting art galleries, where I can enjoy the silence without having to iso. I miss the situation of riding public transportation while listening to my favorite music, people watching. These sound like something I really took for granted.
Looking forward to the day it’s safe to travel to Singapore again.
While at home, like everyone else, her life continues.
6AM - Wake up (after some nursing sessions with my 4-month-old little boy last night). 
Cuddles in bed with my boys, my son and husband. 
7.30AM - Sun bath to get some vitamin D, exercise, water my plants, take light breakfast, milk for baby, hot tea and some bread for the rest.
8.30AM - Shower, do my skincare routine, get ready to #WFH
9AM - Check on emails, start working, turning on some music
12 - Lunch, cuddle breaks with my son, social media 
P.S. Cuddle breaks can be any time I want to during #WFH, by the way.
1PM - Work, work, work
6PM - Dinner 
8PM - Wind down, cuddle with my boys, read on some great articles, movies (sometimes!), express gratitude, sleep by 9/10.
Story by Andrea Rahardiana. Read more of her story in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.